Prepare yourself to get job as an Audiologist

Audiologist is basically perceived as an ear specialist. Generally, these professionals work with patients who have hearing related disorders or other ear-related problems. An Audiologist typically works as a health care professional in hospitals, physician’s offices, and audiology clinics, although in foreign country many of them work in schools or educational sectors. Audiology is an […]

Job opportunities in Audiology & Speech Pathology

Job opportunities in Audiology has seen a constant rise recently. AUDIOLOGY JOBS IN INDIA ( AJI ) is an online information resource for all professional and Student in audiology who are interested in seeking or providing jobs in audiology. This includes who are in search of for jobs, as well as colleges, companies or clinics […]

Growing Demand of Audiologists

History of Audiology Jobs Audiology has gained immense popularity in recent years. If you compare the number of people who wish to take audiology as a profession in recent times has constantly increased. Earlier there were handful few who wanted to take audiology jobs as their profession. The reason behind this was lack of awareness […]

Online Job Portal specifically for Audiology Jobs.

We all are in constant search for the perfect job but finding a job that exactly matches our requirement is a difficult job in itself. However if we try to track the transition process in job hunt, we would realize that last decade has been a witness to many significant changes in this job searching […]

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