Audiology as a Profession and Your Career as an Audiologist

Do you know that in 2015, Audiology was named the ‘Best Job in America’ by Time Magazine? Audiology is considered one of the highest paying jobs.

Audiology as a profession has emerged a lot in the past few years and is coming to the forefront with new innovative techniques every single day. In this generation of technological advancements, the job scenario in the profession of Audiology is gradually undergoing a revolutionary change. Any healthcare profession is interesting and carry a thrilling sense with it. So does the profession of Audiology, which, however, is a lot more challenging. So if you are interested in starting a career as an Audiologist, do not wait, and just go for it, while we guide you in the initiation process of finding such a job.

The demand of Audiologists is increasing day by day, as the percentage of hearing impaired people are gradually increasing in number. Today, about 5% of the world population is suffering from hearing loss. There is, therefore, a huge requirement of Audiology jobs in India, and various web portals are available to give you a detailed information about its scope and the available job profiles.

Since there is a high demand of Audiology jobs in India, you would not probably find another job in a convenient place, because after all job satisfaction is what matters the most. The web portals dealing with Audiology jobs in India not only give a detailed information about the job opportunities, but also provide you with the details of the eligibility criteria, and the details of institutions that offer various specialization courses in the profession of Audiology. It is, however, suggested by recognised portals for Audiology jobs in India, that the ideal time to start with the profession of Audiology is a Bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing.

An ideal Audiologist must have a graduate and/or masters or a doctoral degree in the field of speech, language and hearing from a recognised University from India or abroad. Only those who have a recognised graduate/postgraduate degree in Audiology and/or Speech Language Pathology and are registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India can practice Audiology and Speech Language Pathology in this country.

Apart from web portals, you may also subscribe to various magazines and newsletters, so as to stay updated about all the job openings and the opportunities available. These information sources of Audiology jobs in India will also keep you up-to-date with the introduction of innovations in techniques, new researches and studies performed, the changes made and the current demand for Audiologists.

As already mentioned, there are various specialisations in the profession of Audiology that are available at recognised centres of Audiology jobs in India, which are –

  • Diagnostic Audiology
  • Rehab or Rehabilitation Audiology
  • Pediatric Audiology

The scope of work for an Audiologist include as per American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) include –

  • Prevention – to prevent hearing loss and protect the hearing function by organising awareness programmes. An Audiologist’s primary role is to promote hearing wellness.
  • Identification – An Audiologist identifies in which area/s the concerned person is having problems, be it balance problems or hearing loss. He, (together with Speech Language Pathologists), also have the capacity to identify language and communication problems. He also identifies the populations and individuals who have high risks of hearing and speech problems.
  • Assessment – An Audiologist performs thorough assessments to diagnose various hearing problems, both in adults and children.
  • Rehabilitation – After performing a thorough assessment, an Audiologist decides which treatment procedure to follow so as to obtain the maximum benefits. He then dispenses rehabilitative services accordingly, in which he evaluates, selects and fits listening devices to patients suffering from hearing problems. Apart from these, he is also responsible for assessing the candidacy of hearing aids, other listening devices, medication, and surgery including cochlear implant. An Audiologist is also involved in educating and counselling, and also in giving mental support to the hearing impaired patients and his/her caregivers.

Apart from the above specialisations, which fall under Clinical Audiology, there is another category of Non-clinical Audiology which deal with the retail options associated with Audiology jobs in India. These include the research and manufacturing of Audiology instruments like Audiometer, Tympanometer, hearing aids, assistive listening devices, medications for hearing, Cochlear Implant instruments and other such hearing instruments. Only a specialised and expert person can deal with these fields in the profession of Audiology, who would do enough research work to delve deep into the possibilities and scopes of improvements and innovations in various spheres of Audiology jobs in India.

It is a good news for Audiology job seekers that they no need to hop from place to place in search of their dream job. In this digital world, remain assured that you will be updated from time to time about the opportunity and scope and also the various profiles available at various web portals dealing with Audiology jobs in India. With such advancements in technology and with such easy accessibilities, your dream job is just a click away. We welcome you in this new profession, and wish you all the success in your career as an Audiologist.

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