AUDIOLOGY JOBS IN INDIA(henceforth will be known by the acronym AJI)is an online information resource for all who are interested in seeking or providing jobs in audiology. This includes professional and student in audiology who are seeking for jobs as well as colleges, companies or clinics who are aiming at recruiting professionals (viz. marketing professionals, administration, and accountant and HR professionals) or audiologist/speech language pathologist. However anybody who is interested in audiology jobs is welcome to view the site.

The main aim of AJI is to bridge the gap between the job seekers and the recruiters in an around India as well as abroad.


Why AJI?

There are numerous job portals available on the internet; however information regarding audiology jobs is sparse in those sites. AJI is the first ever job portal in India dedicated only for the professionals involved in the field of audiology. Our simple user-friendly job portal was created to ensure that professionals in the field of audiology can get jobs easily online without having to move from one place to another physically and at the same time to ensure that employers can meet appropriate job seekers easily just at the end of a click. Our dedicated team members and software engineers have developed this web based platform that can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection get jobs sitting at home, away or even overseas. Simply open a browser, surf to the site and log in- there is no need to download or install any software.

Our experienced team members will help job seekers to achieve their dream jobs and at the same time help the employers to get the best professional from the constellation of professionals.

About Us

AJI is an innovative professional autonomous organization established by the experts in the field of audiology. The online platform of AJI was developed by audiology professionals who understand the needs of an audiologist and those who are interested in the audiology and speech pathology industry. The motto of AJI is to make our clients feel comfortable with job seeking and employing process.

The main aim of AJI is to provide:

      1. Information regarding job facilities in the field of audiology to the professionals in the field of audiology and at the same time to provide information to the recruiters about the best professional.
      2. To provide assistance to both job seekers and recruiters from enrolment to the interview process online.
      3. To assist professionals to get their dream job in a hassle free manner.
      4. To help professional to upgrade their jobs regularly.
      5. To help job seekers and recruiters to review their jobs and professionals continuously.